COVID-19 Tips to Keeping a Healthy Home, Mind and Body

April 10, 2020
COVID-19 Tips to Keeping a Healthy Home, Mind and Body

Staying safe and healthy during this chaotic time is extremely important, so I thought I would share a few useful tips to help support your overall health!

3 Pillars of a Healthy Immune System

Some great ways to keep your immune system strong during a time like this is to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep. Sleep is a pillar of good health and one of the most restorative activities of the human body. Sticking to a normal 7-9-hour sleep routine will ultimately help strengthen your mind and body. Eating a healthy diet also contributes to a healthy immune system. Enjoying a plant-based diet that is low in sugar, dairy and animal protein allows you to build up your defenses from the inside and reduce inflammation in the body. Numerous studies have shown that keeping a moderate exercise routine positively impacts the immune system and all organ systems to keep you in optimal health. Making walks and at home workouts extremely beneficial during this time.

Immunity Boosters

These everyday essentials are important to continue keeping you healthy. Taking antioxidants can reduce the risk of oxidative stress which is the source of many diseases including cancer. Antioxidants can slow or prevent damage to your cells caused by free radicals. I recommend Astaxanthin as it is one of the strongest antioxidants, 6000 times stronger than Vitamin C! Probiotics keep our delicate microbiomes balanced. This keeps your gut, skin and immune system functioning properly reducing the risk of disease.

Meditation and Mindfulness

A good reminder is to practice mindfulness and meditation to relieve heightened anxiety from watching constant COVID-19 news updates. Taking a few minutes out of your day to meditate and relieve any stress and staying in the present moment allows the mind to not suffer from emotional exhaustion.

At Home Activities

 A few things I have been doing to enjoy my time at home are watching movies with my family, reading books, sitting down for family meals, and trying new recipes together! Taking the time, we have to be inside with our families and in our homes can serve to be valuable as it allows us to pause from our busy routines and be more present with those around us. Now is the time to reflect, learn a new skill or just enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Support Your Skin Barrier

I recommend washing your hands often, especially if you have gone out shopping or before you eat to ensure you are not bringing in any type of virus into your home and body. I also recommend hand sanitizer as a quick disinfectant between meals and activities. Dry hands can become more frequent due to over-washing and over-sanitizing, so using lotion is essential to prevent flaking, dry, cracked skin. One of the key things you can do right now to avoid spreading germs is to ensure your skin’s barrier (which protects you from the outside world) is functioning optimally. This can be achieved through proper skin moisturization. I recommend using hydrating products that are packed with ceramides. Brands like CeraVe or Eucerin make great ceramide-filled moisturizers you can buy from your local drugstore.

Keep Surfaces Clean

I believe wiping down common surfaces a few times a day in a household is a good idea. It’s important to note that if you wipe any surfaces with a 70% alcohol-based disinfectant, you must let that disinfectant sit on the surface for at least 30 seconds before you wipe it down. This way, the virucidal (virus killing) properties are able to take effect.

We Are in This Together

I hope my tips will help you maintain the best possible mental and physical health. Continue to stay calm, happy, and healthy during this time, as we are all going through this together! Make sure to call up some old friends, help neighbors in need, and especially keep moisturizing!