Six breakthrough skin care products scientifically formulated to help restore skin’s youthful elasticity and tone, while combatting the effects of hormonal imbalance on the skin.

Essentials Collection

Infused with Dr. Zenovia’s proprietary skin-balancing REG-ulate360 Complex™, this breakthrough dermatologist-developed, age-targeting regimen helps to help restore skin’s firmness while combatting the effects of hormonal imbalance to reveal youthful-looking, radiant skin.

Effective age-targeting treatment requires a clinical approach.

“While hormonal aging is a natural process that we all go through, my Essentials Collection will help prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of hormonal aging. It’s never too early to start.”

– Dr. Zenovia

Combat Hormonal Aging

A decrease in estrogen production as we age causes hormonal imbalances that can lead to accelerated signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. To help combat the natural decline in estrogen levels as we age, Dr. Zenovia’s breakthrough Essentials Collection harnesses the power of All-Trans Retinol, medical-grade Bakuchiol, and her cutting-edge REG-ulate360 Complex™ to help restore hormonally imbalanced skin to an even-toned, youthful-looking state.

Stimulate Skin-Smoothing Collagen

The Dr. Zenovia Skin Care Essentials Collection is infused with a powerful blend of skin-firming ingredients to help visibly lift and plump the skin for a youthful appearance. Dr. Zenovia’s powerful Peptide Complex helps firm the look of skin by supporting collagen production and boosting elasticity, while clinical-grade, skin-smoothing Bisabolol helps to brighten and condition skin for a healthy, radiant glow.

Repair & Protect Hormonally-Affected, Dry Skin

The Dr. Zenovia Skin Care Essentials Collection delivers the most powerful scientifically formulated blend of nourishing ingredients, including clinical grade Aloe Vera, Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) and Yucca Root, to help repair, soothe and hydrate hormonally-imbalanced skin. Skin’s delicate moisture barrier is protected through a scientifically curated powerhouse antioxidant blend of Green Tea Polyphenols, Resveratrol and Caffeine to calm skin and help guard against free radical damage.

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