5 Acne Myths Debunked | Acne Sessions with Dr. Zenovia

April 23, 2021
5 Acne Myths Debunked | Acne Sessions with Dr. Zenovia

There is so much information on the internet when it comes to acne that it can be hard to determine what the right answers are! In this post, Dr. Zenovia addresses some common acne myths you may have heard on TikTok or from friends. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Zenovia’s mission is to provide consumers with skin care tips backed by science and clinical trials.  

Acne Myth #1: Applying Ice and Heat Can Cure Acne

Alternating ice and heat packs on zits can help active pimples heal faster. This is because the blemish is an inflamed area, and the ice and heat packs stimulate circulation. However, ice and heat will not cure your acne or make your pimples go away. There isn’t one singular skin treatment that can cure all your pimples entirely. 

Acne Myth #2: Skin Can Get Used to Products Which Makes Them Stop Working

It’s not that your skin is getting used to those skincare products and becoming desensitized, it's actually a sign that your body is changing! When our physiology changes, the effectiveness of our products can change. For example, you may be experiencing an increase in sebaceous stimulation due to fluctuating hormone levels and need a new facial cleanser  

Acne Myth #3: All Benzoyl Peroxide Is the Same- At the Drugstore Or Through a Doctor

Benzoyl peroxide (BP) is a highly effective molecule for fighting acne. The problem is that not all benzoyl peroxide is created equally. For the Dr. Zenovia Skincare line, we created a highly micronized benzoyl peroxide. BP is a crystal; if you apply it to the skin in its raw form, it will create micro-scratches which can cause irritation and inflammation. Sometimes people think they are allergic to benzoyl peroxide because they get red, flakey skin after use. However, Dr. Zenovia shares that you most likely aren’t allergic to benzoyl peroxide but used a cheaply made product.

Benzoyl peroxide needs to be formulated in the right way. You can use a high concentration like Dr. Zenovia’s 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleanser if it's manufactured in a way that chops the benzoyl peroxide down super fine so that it won’t cause skin irritation. Our chemists use medical-grade benzoyl peroxide which is formulated without the containments found in cheaper benzoyl peroxide products. Dr. Zenovia’s Benzoyl Peroxide acne cleanser and spot treatment is a must for acne-prone skin. These products are massively effective at fighting acne and decreasing inflammation without causing irritation.  

Acne Myth #4: Acne Band-Aids & Hydrocolloid Patches Effectively Clear Pimples 

When you have an inflamed pimple and continue applying products and patches to it, you can end up over-treating your acne. By manipulating the pimple, it can become drier and more irritated. Acne patches provide an anti-inflammatory element to pimples. It soothes the pimple and prevents you from touching it or applying more product. The band-aids themselves aren’t super effective at clearing acne, but they do a great job of stopping you from touching your pimples. Dr. Zenovia likes how acne patches give your skin a break, healing from the top down.  

Acne Myth #5: Your Diet Is the Cause of Your Acne

A retrospective study with about 20,000 acne patients found that diet does not affect acne except in 10% of patients who were sensitive to dairy. In certain individuals, dairy can be inflammatory and worsen acne. By its nature, acne is an inflammatory condition so anything that contributes to this inflammation can worsen acne. Stress, a bad breakup, exams, divorce, or binging on unhealthy snacks can add to this inflammation. A low glycemic, low animal protein and low dairy diet can help decrease bodily inflammation and improve the skin’s overall health. Dr. Zenovia recommends trying a dairy-free diet for at least seven days so that you can see if there is an improvement in your acne.  

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