The 5 Biggest Differences Between Male & Female Skin

June 19, 2021
The 5 Biggest Differences Between Male & Female Skin

Ever wondered how a man’s skin differs from a female’s? Dr. Zenovia, a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Hormonal Acne Expert, is here to break it down. Five key differentiators between male and female facial skin include skin structureoil production, collagen density, pore size, and risk of irritation. 

Structural Differences 

There are key structural differences between a man’s and woman’s skin. Stimulation of the androgen hormone testosterone causes an increase in skin thickness and rougher skin texture for males. For a man, the deeper layer of skin called the dermis is about 20% thicker. It varies person by person, but this general percentage remains the same.  

Oil Production 

Sebum and oil production differs by gender too! Due to androgen secretions, men produce more sebum after puberty which contributes to oilier skin. When the skin is producing too much oil, it is likely to lead to the development of clogged pores and breakouts. Dr. Zenovia recommends cleansing the skin (at least a few times a week) with a Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser to remove pore buildup. As a wash-off treatment, Dr. Zenovia’s 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Cleanser fights against the formation of blemishes.  

Tip from Dr. Zenovia: It’s important to gradually introduce ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid, and Retinol into your skincare regimen. If excessive dryness or irritation occurs, reduce application. Additionally, as these ingredients can increase sensitivity to the sun, be sure to follow with SPF during the day.

Collagen Density 

Males also have a higher collagen density compared to females. Collagen is the skin’s fundamental structural protein- comprising 70-80% of the volume of our skin! The primary concern in aging skin is the amount of collagen that is broken down over time. UV damage and endogenous (internal) aging result in a loss of the skin’s collagen and elasticity which leads to wrinkles and sagging, respectively. Signs of aging appear later in male skin, but changes occur more quickly once they start!  

Pore Problems 

Males have more active sebaceous glands and therefore more pores! The size of male pores is also larger than female's. This makes males less prone to dry skin and more prone to oiliness. Dr. Zenovia recommends that men moisturize their skin daily with a lightweight hydrator. Our oil-free Aloe Vera Blemish Soothing Moisturizer doesn’t add a ton of oils to the skin but protects the delicate skin barrier. The aloe vera we use is pure and medical-grade, sourced from high-grade medical suppliers. The aloe vera mucopolysaccharides molecule absorbs many times its weight in water and is a very effective hydrator for people that need hydration even if they produce excess oil or have oily skin. 

Increased Risk of Irritation

With frequent shaving, male skin becomes more sensitive and reacts faster. Shaving removes the uppermost layer, exposing skin that is sensitive to external influences. Younger and fair-skinned males are particularly susceptible to razor irritation.  

Male Friendly Skincare

All of Dr. Zenovia’s topicals contain a phytoestrogen skin technology that essentially regulates the skin and provides constant hormonal support so that you won’t experience hormonal fluctuations on the epidermis. Estrogen has systemic effects on the body and cannot be applied directly to our facial skin. To receive the skin benefits of estrogen without actually applying estrogen on the skin, Dr. Zenovia created the REG-ulate360 Complex™ with a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens are a natural compound found in some plants and plant-based foods. Their chemical compound structure is similar, but not identical to the human estrogen molecule. The phytoestrogen molecule mimics the effect of human estrogen on the skin without systemic effects. 

Phytoestrogens have proven to be safe to apply to the skin and work only locally- they do not get absorbed into the tissue. The REG-ulate360 Complex™ contains Geinstein, a safe, plant-based phytoestrogen in its pure form that has a very potent effect locally. In combination with a medical-grade blend of powerful antioxidants, this proprietary skin technology provides the skin with hormonal support. 

Estrogen is known as a female hormone, but Geinstein’s estrogen-like effects will not negatively affect men. “This molecule is not absorbed systemically. It will not go into your skin, down your bloodstream, and into your testicles”, Dr. Zenovia says. “This technology stays in the skin without any downstream effects. If we were to put a high dose, pharmaceutical-grade estrogen on a male’s skin, those molecules are made small enough to act on the bloodstream and have a hormone-like effect. Plant-based phytoestrogens, however, do not go systemically into the tissue”. Phytoestrogens are at the right concentration and do not have enough of an estrogen effect where they would cause downstream hormonal effects inside the body. It’s also important to note that men also have estrogen in their bloodstream. “I have seen so many men benefit from the REG-ulate360 Complex™ complex”, Dr. Zenovia shares. “If there were downstream effects, it wouldn’t be sold over-the-counter.” 


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