Dr. Zenovia on Launching Her Skincare Brand & Holiday Traditions

November 13, 2020
Dr. Zenovia on Launching Her Skincare Brand & Holiday Traditions

From conducting telemedicine appointments during quarantine to launching her skincare brand on Sephora.com this fall, Dr. Zenovia has had her hands full this past year and is excited to spend the holidays with family. Below, she shares her thoughts on her brand’s launch, who the products were formulated for, and her holiday season traditions and plans.  

Launching Dr. Zenovia Skincare

am thrilled to bring a new frontier in skincare to Sephora customers as the first dermatologist-developed brand on the market to address the visible signs of hormonal imbalances happening within the body. I knew developing this line was extremely relevant and timely, especially as studies revealed 80% of women suffer from issues due to hormonal imbalance. Every product is formulated with research-proven actives and mindful chemistry that is highly effective, without the need for systemic or topical medications.  

The Dr. Zenovia Skincare Essentials line is designed to help prevent and correct the key signs of hormonally imbalanced skin including dehydration, loss of elasticity, and uneven tone with powerful, medical-grade ingredients including powerful phytoestrogens that support the aging tissue. This line is excellent for all women who want powerful, medical-grade skincare. 

The Dr. Zenovia Skincare Clear Complexion line is for anyone suffering from acne. It targets active acne, as well as blemishes - plus, it is rich in emollients and anti-inflammatory agents that work together to achieve a clear complexion. Most acne lines can be stripping, drying, and can cause further inflammation; however, the Dr. Zenovia Clear Complexion line is specifically curated to calm the skin, decreasing acne flares and clearing blemishes and acne marks. Also, the synergy of all the thoughtfully included ingredients balance sebum production and help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and uneven texture. Ultimately, one can clear their active acne and improve the blemishes left behind. 

Dr. Zenovia's Holiday Traditions  

I am excited to celebrate the holidays this year with my mom, brother, cousins, and children. Nothing is better than big family holidays filled with laughter and screaming- there is always a lot of drama! Now that there is a second-generation and a lot of younger cousins in the family it's so much fun to see the kids enjoy each other’s company and carry on the traditions my parents gave me.  

Growing up in a close-knit Greek family we would always get together on Christmas Eve. My mom is an identical twin so our family and her sister’s family along with our cousins, aunts, and uncles would celebrate Christmas Eve together and exchange gifts- this was my favorite part of Christmas!  

One of my favorite holiday traditions is baking a special, sweet Greek bread called Vasilopita on New Year's Eve in celebration of the coming year. We would put a lucky coin inside the sweet bread and slice a piece for each family member on New Year's Day. Whoever found the coin in their slice was told they would have a lot of luck that year! I keep this tradition with my children now- we love hiding the coin and seeing who the lucky one is.  

The best holiday gift I have ever received was from my husband who gifted me a black cocktail dress along with a pair of gloves and shoes to wear on New Year’s Eve. I felt like Audrey Hepburn in that dress- it was such a romantic and chivalrous gift. Every woman loves to open a box with a cocktail dress inside! 

This year, I purchased a new home which was a big girl step for me. My holiday wish this year is to make many memories in this house with my two children. I am so excited to wake up on Christmas morning and see their faces. Our favorite holiday movies are National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (no one does it like Chevy Chase) and It’s a Wonderful Life by Jimmy Stewart. It may be a black and white film, but the message remains true forever- see the good in others and always be a giving person. 

When it comes to in-office skin treatments for the holidays, Spectra peels are my favorite! Spectra, made by Lutronic is a toning laser facial. It has no downtime and can be done on any skin type. This device tones the skin and takes off that dead layer, so the skin is dewy and glowing for the holidays. I also love a good hydrafacial, a medical-grade facial that infuses active ingredients into the skin while removing impurities with a proprietary vortex suction system. A hydrafacial can make anyone's skin glow! 

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? I would love to hear!  

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