The Truth About Medical-Grade Skincare

September 02, 2021
The Truth About Medical-Grade Skincare

Have you come across the terms medical-grade or clinical-grade when researching skincare products and questioned their validityWhat exactly makes a skincare line medical-gradeBuzzwords and trends are thrown around quite often in the world of skincare, so our team of skincare chemists is here to give you the lowdown.  

What is Medical Grade Skincare? 

Medical-grade skincare products are advertised as being more potent, with high-quality ingredients formulated at a higher concentration to deliver results. The problem, however, is that these claims aren’t regulated by the FDA in the United States. Any skincare brand can slap the term “medical-grade” on its product line. Some skincare brands truly formulate at a higher quality level while others just want to advertise with a clinical look. Such brands have given the term “medical-grade skincare” a bad rep.  

Rather than focusing on marketing claims, it's important to research individual products, ingredients and brands before making a purchase. 

The Creation of the Dr. Zenovia Skincare Line   

Fascinated by the science of cosmeceutical making and seeing that a lot of products on the market were full of marketing and hype, Dr. Zenovia and her team of chemists worked to formulate powerful, results-driven topicals with mindful ingredients and chemistry that would help balance hormonally impacted skin 

We use the terms medical-grade and clinical-grade to describe our products because our topicals are indeed formulated with higher quality ingredients in an effective delivery system. One of our chemists commented that he wished the medical-grade term would become regulated to weed out the brands leaning on such terms as advertising buzzwords without the science to back it up.  

Ingredient lists also aren’t equal. “Just because two products list benzoyl peroxide, for example, as an active ingredient, doesn’t mean they are equally effective,” Dr. Zenovia shares. “The way ingredients are manufactured, and the quality of the raw materials can make a huge difference.” 


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