How to Combat Hormonal Acne | Dr. Zenovia’s Phytoestrogen REG-ulate 360 Complex™

May 25, 2021
How to Combat Hormonal Acne | Dr. Zenovia’s Phytoestrogen REG-ulate 360 Complex™

The massive hormonal shifts we experience throughout our physiologic lives can affect our skin’s health. When it comes to hormonal acne, the estrogen to testosterone ratio in our bloodstream correlates with acne breakouts. This milieu or cocktail of hormones touches the oil glands, affecting the skin’s condition. In this post, Dr. Zenovia dives into the causes of hormonal acne and explores the research-proven ingredients that can help fight against flare-ups including her proprietary phytoestrogen skin technology.  

What Causes Hormonal Acne? 

The four main causes of acne include clogged hair follicles, bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, and oil production. Dermatologists address clogged follicles with glycolic/salicylic acids and retinols, bacterial overgrowth with antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide, and oil production with oral contraceptives and Accutane. However, there weren’t many topicals on the market to control oil production. Dr. Zenovia, therefore, worked to create a molecule that would provide the skin with estrogen support, dampen oil production, reduce inflammation, and support the tissue topically.   

The Power of Phytoestrogens for Hormonal Acne

As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Zenovia is a huge proponent of the fundamentals of acne dermatology. We all know that ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and retinol are highly effective. These ingredients are the bread and butter of the Clear Complexion Collection. However, unlike any other brand on the market, we added a safe, estrogen-mimicking molecule, Genistein to the formulation of all our topicals. Genistein is a phytoestrogen, or plant-based estrogen mimicker. We have estrogen receptors all over our body including in the brain, tissues, and especially the skin. Hormonal estrogen fluctuations directly affect the skin which is where our topicals infused with a powerful phytoestrogen help the skin receive the hormonal support it needs.  

The REG-ulate360 Complex™ is safe, doesn’t have any downstream effects, and will not get absorbed systemically. Regular use of our topicals results in less flaking, firmer skin, and increased hydration. From an acne standpoint, by bumping the estrogen-like effect up with our topicals, the milieu of hormones affecting the tissue from the inside gets balanced at the epidermis so you won’t experience a hyper-androgen acne flare. 

Dr. Zenovia’s Clear Complexion Collection 

Dr. Zenovia Skincare products all contain the REG-ulate 360 Complex™, a proprietary blend of the phytoestrogen Genistein along with a cocktail of anti-inflammatory antioxidants. “The basis for all the products in the line is that there is no hero ingredient,” Dr. Zenovia shares. “It’s the synergy of the molecules, the way they support the skin tissue, and the whole complex. You need redundancy of systems because the skin is bioactive.” 

Note from Dr. Zenovia: Please consult with your doctor or endocrinologist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a history of breast cancer prior to using our topicals.  


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