What is Bakuchiol? | The “Natural Retinol” Alternative

May 05, 2021
What is Bakuchiol? | The “Natural Retinol” Alternative

Bakuchiol (pronounced ba-koo-chee-ol) is a plant extract that contains antioxidant properties. Similar to retinol, this powerful ingredient increases cellular turnover, stimulating collagen production and helping to diminish signs of aging and skin laxity. However, Bakuchiol is a bit gentler on the skin compared to retinol which requires new users to build up their tolerance. Chemically, Bakuchiol has nothing to do with the vitamin A family of retinols. However, bakuchiol and retinol regulate skin cell behavior similarly.  

Bakuchiol for Sensitive Skin  

Due to its soothing and calming effects, Bakuchiol is a great ingredient for sensitive and acne-prone skin types. Rich in antioxidants, this ingredient also helps protect the skin from environmental pollutants and stressors. Clinical studies have shown that Bakuchiol can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin firmness, texture, and evenness of tone.  

Bakuchiol Skincare  

While many skincare brands incorporate Bakuchiol in their serums, Dr. Zenovia chose to include this ingredient in her entire Hormonal Essentials Collection that includes effective topicals to fight signs of hormonal aging at the skin level such as elasticity and tone. 

Incorporating Bakuchiol Into Your Skincare Routine  

Bakuchiol can be incorporated into a gentle, yet effective age-fighting skin regimen. Dr. Zenovia provides a sample morning and skincare routine below.  

Morning Skincare Routine  

Dr. Zenovia’s morning skincare philosophy is simple. Everyone needs cleansing, antioxidation, and sun protection. A light moisturizer helps for hydration. 

Step 1: Cleanse- Properly cleansing in the morning helps remove any dirt or debris the skin may have accumulated overnight. Dr. Zenovia’s Bakuchiol Hydrating Cleanser is a pH balanced, soap-free facial wash designed to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Our proprietary REG-ulate360 Complex™ features medical-grade actives including Resveratrol, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Bakuchiol, and a cutting-edge, plant-derived phytoestrogen known as Genistein to restore the appearance of hormonally imbalanced skin to an optimal healthy state. This cleanser leaves the skin brightened, nourished, and hydrated.  

Step 2: Tone- Next, apply Dr. Zenovia’s Vitamin C Brightening Toner to a clean cotton pad and gently wipe over your clean face and neck. This antioxidant-rich toner is designed to hydrate, replenish, and condition the skin while helping to improve the appearance of even tone and texture.  

Step 3: Moisturize & Protect- Lastly, protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays with Dr. Zenovia’s Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer SPF 30. This hydrating mineral sunscreen delivers highly potent antioxidants including bakuchiol to help even skin tone and texture while providing broad-spectrum protection from UVA/UVB rays, free radical damage, and environmental stress.  

Nighttime Skincare Routine  

Throughout the day, the skin is exposed to pollutants, UV rays, dirt, and bacteria. A nighttime skincare routine ensures that the skin is clean and nourished before hitting the pillow.  

Step 1: Cleanse- Cleansing the skin at night will remove any dirt, excess sebum, or leftover makeup on the skin. Dr. Zenovia’s Bakuchiol Hydrating Cleanser thoroughly removes excess oils and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and nourished.  

Step 2: Treat- Similar to treating the skin with antioxidants in the morning, nighttime treatments are the cherry on top when it comes to skincare and should serve to target specific skin concerns. Formulated with bakuchiol, green tea polyphenols, medical-grade resveratrol, and caffeine, Dr. Zenovia’s Inflam-Aging Night Repair Treatment provides superior anti-aging benefits to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while enhancing the appearance of firm, plump skin.  

Step 3: Moisturize- Lastly, prevent water loss and fight against skin dryness by applying our rich and bouncy-textured Peptide + Ceramide Repairing Moisturizer. Our skin cells work to renew and repair themselves overnight, so hydration is imperative for protecting the delicate skin barrier.   

Have you tried skincare topicals with bakuchiol?  


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